Ticket to Play

Every player must turn this in before football starts in the fall..  This is basically a registration form and physical.  The number one reason players start the season late is not having their ticket to play and physical done.  You must have 10 practices in order to play in a scrimmage or game.  Every year, players miss because of this.  Don't be that player.  Hit the link below and get your ticket to play done now.


The first day of school picture.  Where will you be when this picture is taken on August 17th?

From Coach Carvajal

No Practice Till?
Summer practice will start on June 27th.  It will go Monday and Wednesdays from 4-6 p.m and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-10:30 a.m. for 4 straight weeks.  No practice on July 4th.



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The purpose of this website is to try and provide clear communication to the players and parents for summer football.  I will have the ability to update this site on a daily basis.  Information about practice, zoom meetings, how to get involved in the booster club, fundraising, uniforms and gear, and just about everything else will be posted here.  I encourage you to take a minute each day and just check this site for new information.  You can always email me at scarvajal@powayusd.com at anytime.

September 4th (12:55) Just a reminder that Monday September 5th is a holiday.  The Freshman will go 8-10:30 am on that morning.  All players are expected to be at practice in full gear.  Players can keep their uniforms as we play away again this week.

August 28th (1:04) Monday September 5th is a holiday.  All three levels will practice that day.  The Freshman will go 8-10:30 am on that morning.  All players are expected to be at practice in full gear.


Monday September 12th is the first day of the bye week.  We will take that Monday off.  We will practice Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday that week regular time.

August 21st (12:34)  Players need to wash their away jersey and bring it to school to turn in on Monday.  They will not receive a hom jersey if they don't turn in their away jersey.


August 16th (3:53)  Another change of plan.  Practice Wednesday will be from 3:00-5:30 on the lower field.  This should be our regular practice time.

August 13th (2:48)  More changes for practice next week.

Monday 5:30-8:00 pm lower field full gear.

Tuesday 12:30-3:00 pm lower field full gear.

Wednesday 5:30-8:00 pm lower field full gear.

Thursday bus leaves at 1:00.  Looking for a parent or two that can take pop up shade tents for the sideline.  I have four but we need more.  Could be 110 degrees at game time and if we can stand in shade I think that would be best.  Also thinking players should bring a small white towel with their name on it to splash water on and wipe themselves down.


August 10th (10:05 am)  Tomorrow is the scrimmage.  All players should be at school with all of their gear and water bottles at 12:30.  They should meet in the ASB room.  All players will ride the bus there and back.  The scrimmage starts at 3:00 at Granite Hills.


Friday's practice will be film review, running, and locker distribution.  Players should buy a school lock at registration on Thursday and bring it Friday.  I have a key to all school locks and if a player forgets their combination I can open it.  If it's not a school lock then we cut it.  Locks are $7.00. 

August 5th (7:34) Change of plans. 


Practice time changes.  Scrimmage location change.  Link Crew time change.  New Schedule attached.


Because of the track being resurfaced, next weeks practice and scrimmage schedule is as follows:


Monday August 8th - 5:30-8:00 pm Full gear lower field

Tuesday August 9th - 8:00-10:00 am Full gear lower field

Tuesday August 9th - 5:00-7:00 pm Full gear lower field

Wednesday August 10th 5:30-8:00 pm Full gear lower field

Thursday August 11th Scrimmage at Granite Hills 3:00 pm all players ride the bus.


Sorry about the changes.  Hope the track turns out great.





August 2nd (8:13 a.m.) Pictures will be Thursday after the morning practice and should take about an hour.  I am guessing we will be done by 11:00.  We will pass out uniforms after practice Thursday morning.  Coach Westling will be a school tomorrow from 12:00-2:00 and from 6:00-8:00 if anyone needs equipment adjusted, looked at, etc.


August 1st (9:25 a.m.) There will bee a parent meeting in the gym at 5:45 today.  Players will meet their parents in the gym after practice.


July 29th (1:11) Tomorrow is our first practice.  Players should wear their football shorts, cleats, practice jersey, tee shirt, helmet and mouthpiece.  We go from 8:30-11:00.  Players should be on the lower field ready to pull the gear out of the shed at 8:15.  Practice ends at 11:00 and it takes about 15 minutes to put the gear away and change.  Questions can be sent to me anytime.  scarvajal@powayusd.com


July 20th (8:33) There will be a special QB/WR camp on Monday and Tuesday next week from 4-6 in the stadium.  This is completely optional.  We are not taking roll and anyone can come, but we are concentrating on those two groups.  Change of plan for gear distribution.  Freshman will be participating in a fundraiser on Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. They need to bring 20 emails with them of people we can send information to.  Gear distribution will start some time after that and we should be done around 12:30.  If your player misses gear issue we can do it on Saturday or Monday morning.  Remember all paperwork must be turned in (ticket to play) in order to get gear.


July 14th (8:21) Today I passed out the fall camp schedule.  Players have to have 10 days of practices in order to play in a scrimmage or a game.  Coming to every practice gives your player a better chance to play in the game.  Right now we have 31 out of our 45 players that have made summer practice.  That is outstanding.  We hope to up the percentage when we pass out gear.


June 28th (12:25) We are off to a great start.  Most players received their spirit packs today.  You should wear the shorts tomorrow but still wear your white shirt with your name on the front and back every day.  Remember we meet in the weight room tomorrow at 4:00.  Have your tennis shoes on to lift and when we go to the lower grass field we will put cleats on then if you have them.

June 26th (12:10) Our first practice is tomorrow.  Make sure you bring water, it will be hot on the turf.  You want to be in the stadium ready to go 15 minutes before any practice.  Also remember it takes about 15 minutes at the end of practice to put everything away and cleanup the field.  Make sure you signup on Hudl.  The link is above.  Our first game is 53 days away.  Will you be ready?


June 13th (9:03) Our first practice will be Monday, June 27th, from 4-6 p.m.  Players should meet in the stadium with cleats, shorts, and a white tee shirt with their first and last name written on the front and back.


May 18th (6:45) There will be a Freshman Parent meeting on Thursday, 5/26, at 6:30 in the MCHS Faculty Lounge.  Come find out about the program, summer dates, and meet some of the coaching staff. 


May 8th (6:00) I just updated the Hudl link.  All players need to sign up for HUDL in order to access the playbook and watch film.


May 1st (8:00) The Freshman Football Parent Meeting will be held on zoom on Friday, June 10th.  The link will be posted below.